Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)Emotional freedom technique is the system of balancing the bodies electric charge to help resolve negative emotions, beliefs, phobias and physical pains.

If you look at the human body at an atomic level and below, it is found that we are an amazing complexity of vibrations beyond comprehension of most non-physicists. In short, we are a series of electric signals and vibrations.

The idea Continue reading

Rejections Add to the Return, Not Diminish the Return

Rejections Add to the Return, Not Diminish the ReturnMost of us are familiar with rejection at some point in our lives. Many people close to you who you trusted might have rejected you and let you down.

Feeling rejected can be very damaging to the self-esteem and self-confidence, if you do not have the tools to implement in such instances. Anger and bitterness are results of rejection, but they are very damaging to the spirit. Continue reading

What Do You Want People to Say About You As You Leave the Room?

What Do You Want People to Say About You As You Leave the Room?What do you want people to say about you, when you’ve left the room?

How to be confident and clear when talking about yourself and the sort of person you are.

Working with a group of senior executives recently – all of whom were either re-applying for their posts or going for a promotion following a management restructure – this was a BIG question they were struggling with.

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Power Up Your Communication Through Listening

Power Up Your Communication Through Listening“Every person in life has something to teach me and as soon as I accept that, I open myself to truly listening.” –John Lahr

The differences between hearing and listening can be as different as black and white. In our personal lives, ineffective listening isolates people we care about, and invalidates those around us. In a professional environment, ineffective listening involving our clients, Continue reading

Fall Back in Love With Your Job

Fall Back in Love With Your JobThe worst way to punish someone is to make him do what he loathes doing the most. But at times intentionally or unintentionally you end up choosing this mode of self-destruction by sticking to a professional life that doesn’t interest you at all. Often circumstances are such that despite your abhorrence, for a particular work/ workplace, for many reasons like its innate profile, growth prospects, bosses, colleagues, Continue reading

Silly Attributes – Part I

Silly Attributes - Part IThe philosophers say that a man having small head and extra-ordinary outlook (such as extra-ordinarily tall, thin or thick etc) is of feeble mind.

Jalinoor(Gallon) said, “It is certain that small head is a symbol of empty mind and short and thin neck is an identification of weakness of mind and lack of wisdom. An awkward built is also a proof of lack of wisdom and cowardliness. Like big stomach, Continue reading

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Life?

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Life?Life dissatisfaction is something many people experience at some time or other. And for some people, it’s almost a constant in their lives. For whatever reason, many people aren’t satisfied with the status quo any longer, and wonder if there’s more to life than that they’re experiencing.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s dissatisfaction with jobs or careers, relationships, status Continue reading

Why Looking For Self-Help and Self-Improvement Products is Anything But a Sign of Helplessness

Why Looking For Self-Help and Self-Improvement Products is Anything But a Sign of HelplessnessAs a writer and editor for an online self help store, I frequently encounter the common misconception that self help, self improvement and personal development products are only sought out by those who are, ironically, unable to help themselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The individuals who find themselves browsing through the virtual shelves of the online self-help Continue reading

Get Everything You Want Out Of Life

Get Everything You Want Out Of LifeSo how do you get everything you want in life right now and more importantly why haven’t I been doing so for the past number of years? There is this little known secret about life fulfillment that very few people are aware about. Those that are aware of it live life with complete purpose, happiness and fulfillment each day. They attract all sorts of wonderful things Continue reading

Body Snatched Nicole Kidman Leads To Powerful Law of Attraction Discovery

Body Snatched Nicole Kidman Leads To Powerful Law of Attraction DiscoveryNicole Kidman is one of my all time favorite movie actress. But in watching her in the movie ‘The Invasion’, it nearly left me comatose in despair as to how she allowed herself to be associated with this movie. And as I watched the movie, my mind kept flicking back to her previous movies so much that it seemed that I was ‘watching’ 2 movies at the same time! Now what has this to do with the Law of Attraction Continue reading