Silly Attributes – Part I

Silly Attributes - Part IThe philosophers say that a man having small head and extra-ordinary outlook (such as extra-ordinarily tall, thin or thick etc) is of feeble mind.

Jalinoor(Gallon) said, “It is certain that small head is a symbol of empty mind and short and thin neck is an identification of weakness of mind and lack of wisdom. An awkward built is also a proof of lack of wisdom and cowardliness. Like big stomach, Continue reading

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Life?

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Life?Life dissatisfaction is something many people experience at some time or other. And for some people, it’s almost a constant in their lives. For whatever reason, many people aren’t satisfied with the status quo any longer, and wonder if there’s more to life than that they’re experiencing.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s dissatisfaction with jobs or careers, relationships, status Continue reading

Why Looking For Self-Help and Self-Improvement Products is Anything But a Sign of Helplessness

Why Looking For Self-Help and Self-Improvement Products is Anything But a Sign of HelplessnessAs a writer and editor for an online self help store, I frequently encounter the common misconception that self help, self improvement and personal development products are only sought out by those who are, ironically, unable to help themselves.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The individuals who find themselves browsing through the virtual shelves of the online self-help Continue reading

Get Everything You Want Out Of Life

Get Everything You Want Out Of LifeSo how do you get everything you want in life right now and more importantly why haven’t I been doing so for the past number of years? There is this little known secret about life fulfillment that very few people are aware about. Those that are aware of it live life with complete purpose, happiness and fulfillment each day. They attract all sorts of wonderful things Continue reading

Body Snatched Nicole Kidman Leads To Powerful Law of Attraction Discovery

Body Snatched Nicole Kidman Leads To Powerful Law of Attraction DiscoveryNicole Kidman is one of my all time favorite movie actress. But in watching her in the movie ‘The Invasion’, it nearly left me comatose in despair as to how she allowed herself to be associated with this movie. And as I watched the movie, my mind kept flicking back to her previous movies so much that it seemed that I was ‘watching’ 2 movies at the same time! Now what has this to do with the Law of Attraction Continue reading

The Most Important Things

The Most Important ThingsEveryone has a different idea of what’s important in life. I’m going to tell you the most important three in my life. I believe every person on earth should have these three things and honestly, I don’t know where I would be without them.

The first thing, out of the list I mentioned earlier, is Faith. I feel like it is the most important as well. Faith controls everything Continue reading

Spicy Hot Sauce

Spicy Hot Sauce10 of your favorite large fresh chilies 2 cloves of garlic, pealed and halved 3/4 cup white vinegar Salt

There is a great satisfaction that comes from creating something yourself. So maybe I could go to the store and buy an expensive bottle of hot sauce, something called “Satan’s Spit” or “Tonsil Torcher,” but where is the sacrifice in that? To make my own hot sauce I have to put up with my entire Continue reading

Ten Little Two Letter Words

Ten Little Two Letter WordsAn acquaintance of mine runs a manufacturing operation for a West Coast company. Bob invited me to tour the facility as his guest and I gladly accepted.

While walking through the facility I noticed the same sign at different locations. The branch had been challenged by the owners to reach performance levels that had been attained by other manufacturing operations within the company. Continue reading

Comparing Yourself – What Will You Gain?

Comparing Yourself - What Will You Gain?Do you compare yourself to others? Have you thought, he/she is more educated, has more money, bigger house, more expensive car, clothes and vacations? What do your comparison thoughts create for you? Do you feel less than, because others have more than you? Do you feel inferior because others have more than you? Do you think those who have more than you are judging you in some fashion?

Or have Continue reading

7 Worthwhile Things I Learned From My Mentor

7 Worthwhile Things I Learned From My MentorI’m a big fan of mentorship and I’ve spoken about it on numerous occasions. I’ve also had the privilege of interviewing real topic experts like Steve Farber and Don Yaeger

I was most recently reminded about the importance of mentorship to my personal development when I had a long overdue telephone conversation with someone who had mentored to me.

Terry Continue reading