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Be a Part of Our Anti-smoking Campaign

Be a Part of Our Anti-smoking Campaign
This is an impressive ambient anti-smoking advertisement campaign launched Al Sawy Cultural Centre to create awareness in this direction in Egypt. The campaign has used doormat having printed heart on them which was sent to various people in Cairo and decision was left on them to convert into ambient campaign. That was actually a smart move to make the campaign real effective. The strategy was that when people will start footing the heart while treading the mat the printed heart will start getting dirty thereby reminding the problem of smoking.

The advertisement was indeed innovative to reach out to the larger mass in an effective way. In addition, the unique presentation of the idea might have surely attracted people’s attention and this has the capability to be talked about among people. The punch line of the campaign says, ‘Be a part of our anti-smoking campaign’. The campaign was dJWT, Cairo, Egypt.

Via: I Believe in Adv

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